Chris Hayes Nails It: Entire GOP Debate Was ‘A Complete Waste’

There’s nowhere I can go to get back the two hours of my life I spent listening to the seven Republican candidates make terrible arguments for electing them as president. Or even why I would want to spend 10 minutes with them anywhere. Not one of them offered a solution that would make anyone’s life better, unless invading Mexico, firing most of the federal employees, making life harder for LGBTQ folks and getting rid of Obamacare are your ideas of improvements.

Rather than go through any more of the depressing details, I’ll let some of my favorite MSNBC hosts do the talking. Rachel Maddow said, “I feel like Nikki Haley telling Vivek Ramaswamy, effectively, ‘please stop talking, you are ruining everything and we don’t have much’ was sort of a memorable thing but, honestly, I don’t know what else to pull out to say was important.”

That’s because there was nothing important. Chris Hayes tried to make a “compliment sandwich” with nice things at the beginning and end but even his compliments were faint praise: “Some of the questions were good,” he said, “and there were moments in the debate that were recognizably politicians talking about policy.”

Then he got to the meat: “The entire thing was a complete waste,” Hayes said. Most of the candidates acted “like Donald Trump doesn’t exist” and instead He also said it’s like “they know something has been broken in the Republican party but they don’t know what the thing is.”

Joy Reid didn’t mince words either. “I too feel dumber after experiencing that debate,” she said. “If any of the seven people could have made Donald Trump appear to have more stature as a politican, those are the seven people who could do it. Reid said were a lot of good moments of shade throwing but “it felt more like a student council debate.”

“Even if Donald Trump wasn’t in the race, none of them came across as having the stature of an executive,” Reid continued. “I can’t relate to the Republican base, but none of them made an argument that sounded like an argument to be president of the United States.”

Nuff said.

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