Charlie Kirk Gets On-Air Threats For Questioning McCarthy's Removal

Conservative podcast host Charlie Kirk faced backlash from his audience after he questioned the removal of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) Tuesday.

Kirk used much of his podcast to temper Republican lust to oust McCarthy ahead of a vote to remove him later in the day.

“If you’re vacating, just so we’re clear, you agree with the Democrat party,” Kirk warned viewers.

The host punctuated his argument with messages from the audience.

“Betsy says, Charlie, we see through you now,” he read. “You’re just like the RINOs. Quit calling yourself a conservative. You are a fake.”

“I’m not taking it personally,” Kirk said. “But at some point, you have to wonder. You got to ask yourself the question, is, like, everyone going to be cast off the island?”

Another listener praised Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), author of the motion to “Vacate the Chair,” and said he wanted to “burn it all down.”

“Honestly, burn it all down sounds like Antifa,” Kirk opined. “That doesn’t sound like a conservative position, but maybe the new conservative movement is just legislative arson.”

After a commercial break, one message suggested violence against Kirk.

“Charlie, I hope you have good security considering the stances you’re taking,” the listener wrote. “I’d hate to see you in the streets right now.”

“Wow!” Kirk exclaimed at the threat. “I just want to know the plan for those of you that are p—ed and that want my head and to lynch me. What is the five-step plan?”

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