Body Cams Show A Very Different Story About Philly Police Shooting

Newly-released surveillance video shows Philadelphia police officer Mark Dial fire multiple shots at Eddie Irizarry within five seconds of getting out of his cruiser last week. Via the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Almost immediately, Dial shot multiple times at near point-blank range through the driver’s side window of Irizarry’s car. He fired again through the windshield as he ran backward and circled around the car, the video, obtained by a lawyer for Irizarry’s family, showed. Irizarry was shot six times while seated in the driver’s seat with his windows rolled up.

Reminder: The Police Department’s initial narrative was that Irizzary fled a traffic stop, emerged from his car with a knife, and then “lunged” at officers.

Notable quote: “What about what you just saw could ever be confused as, ‘He got out of the car and lunged at police officers’?” Shaka Johnson, the family’s attorney, asked. “That was an out-and-out, flat out lie.”

This is noteable because Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw came out and said the evidence contradicted the police version of the shooting the next day.

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