Biden Perfectly Responds To McCarthy's Impeachment Nonsense

President Joe Biden responded to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy launching an impeachment inquiry on Wednesday. Biden linked the inquiry to the upcoming showdown over funding the government, but I think it’s petty politics to get revenge over Trump’s impeachments.

“Well, I tell you what,” Biden said. “I don’t know quite why, but they just knew they wanted to impeach me. And now, the best I can tell, they want to impeach me because they want to shut down the government.”

“So look, look, I got a job to do,” he continued. “Everybody always asked about impeachment. I get up every day, not a joke, not focused on impeachment. I’ve got a job to do. I’ve got to deal with the issues that affect the American people every single solitary day.”

CNN reports:

The moment comes after Biden’s aides spent the August congressional recess ramping up their preparation for responding to an impeachment inquiry after the House speaker suggested in late July such a step was nearing.

The principal objective for Biden’s team is countering what many Democrats fear could become an ingrained narrative of self-dealing about the president – despite a lack of any evidence so far of wrongdoing.

“If you don’t answer it, it can sink into the voter psyche. They’re walking that line,” a person familiar with White House thinking said.

The misfit kids on the right in Congress have provided zero pieces of evidence. Every single day, we’re running across another Republican who inadvertently admits there is no evidence.

How would Trump respond? PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!

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