Biden Campaign Releases One Hell Of An Ad

Democrats are not bringing Powerpoint slides to a gunfight any longer. Tiger Beat on the Potomac (AKA Politico, Thanks Charlie Pierce!) morning email thingie:

A MATTER OF CONVICTION — The JOE BIDEN campaign is announcing a major new $50 million June ad push this morning, centered on a new spot slamming DONALD TRUMP over his conviction in the New York hush money case. “Character Matters,” which calls Trump “a convicted criminal who’s only out for himself,” also tags him for the recent findings in civil court that Trump was liable for sexual abuse and business fraud. It’ll run on national cable and TV markets in battleground states as part of the lead-up to the first debate, along with other ads focused on reaching Black, Latino and Asian voters.

President Handsome Joe Biden is taking the gloves off, and this is pretty good. The Marquess of Queensberry Rules (of politics) is no more, thank Dawg.

Republished with permission from Mock Paper Scissors.

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