Bad News For Trump: Mar-A-Lago Employee Flipped!

Clean up on aisle 5 – looks like there is a major spillage of Ketchup in the Mar-A-Lago dining room! Jack Smith is reporting the the IT Director of Mar-A-Lago, also known as Employee 4 in multiple indictments, has changed his lawyers AND his testimony. Previously his lawyer, Woodward, was being paid for by Trump, and he was also representing Walt Nauta. Apparently Jack Smith and the DOJ presented evidence to Employee 4 that they knew that he had perjured himself and was facing legal exposure. He decided to fire Woodward and hire a public federal defender – and immediately after he notified the DOJ that he would like to change his testimony.

As a reminder, this man was the one who reportedly spoke with Walt Nauta and the groundskeeper (the 2 other men indicted) about deleting security recordings related to the classified documents moving, hiding, obstructing, general criming.

Here is the filing.

The important part:

Employee 4, Yuscil Taveras, probably changed his testimony in an effort to save himself. Smart move, especially if the DOJ had him dead to rights about lying. Reportedly the updated testimony is what led to the superseding indictment against Trump and his two co-defendants last month.

First one to flip gets the best deal. Let’s see if the other 2 co-defendants follow his lead.

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