Bad Moms Group Bombing Out In Milwaukee

The hate-mongering and utterly misnamed Moms for Liberty had big plans for the day of the first GOP debate. On the day of the debate, they were going to hold a townhall meeting, apparently to give their preferred candidate(s) a foot up going into the debate. But since they announced their grandiose plans at the beginning of August, they have done very little, if anything, right.

Apparently, there was very little planning done ahead of time, so there was a lot of confusion as to what was happening and where it was happening. Moms for Liberty and teamed up with another right wing group called the Leadership Institute. The head of the Leadership Institute is Bridget Ziegler, who is also a cofounder of Moms for Liberty. How convenient!

Apparently, the Leadership Institute was to hold a training event on Tuesday to teach citizens how to be rude boors and domestic terrorists get involved in local politics, such as school board meetings. On Wednesday, Moms for Liberty were to hold a town hall meeting before the debate.

Then the fun started with confusion about where the events were to going to be held.

Moms for Leadership co-founder Bridget Ziegler is planning to lead a training event from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Pfister Hotel. Ziegler now works for the Leadership Institute, which is organizing the event. She said she expects to train about 80-100 conservative school board members and others interested in learning about school boards.

Previously, Scarlett Johnson, chair of the Ozaukee County chapter of Moms for Liberty, had posted on Facebook that Ziegler’s training would be at Saint Kate hotel in Milwaukee. MTEA, the union for staff of Milwaukee Public Schools, then called upon supporters to ask Saint Kate not to host Moms for Liberty.

A spokesperson for Marcus Corp., which also owns Saint Kate, then told the Journal Sentinel the event would be at the Pfister, and that it had never been scheduled at Saint Kate.

Ziegler said the group had initially considered Saint Kate but never signed a contract and decided to move the event to the Pfister. She said she wasn’t sure when the decision was made.

The 80-100 people that Ziegler said were coming turned out to be actually 12 and not even all of them were from Wisconsin.

The Moms for Libertty event fared even worse. It was originaly scheduled for the Italian Community Center (ICC). However, Moms for Liberty admitted that they booked the event under a different name, leading to confusion if the event was going to be there or not. Instead of getting embrroiled in the whole mess, ICC backed out of their agreement to host the event. That led the disorganized organizers to revamp the whole thing:

“We are changing our event from a candidate town hall format on the 23rd into a discussion format with Sen. Ron Johnson in order to better showcase Wisconsin parental rights leaders and the alarming education data in the state. Presidential candidates and their staff as well as policy leaders are all welcome to attend, but we know some candidates will use the afternoon to prepare for the debate that evening,” Tiffany Justice, Moms for Liberty co-founder, said in a statement. ”Our discussion will shine a light on Wisconsin’s education system and the role of parental rights in driving learning gains in the classroom. We look forward to a robust discussion.”

What could possibly go wrong? Just because RoJo is one of, if not THE, dumbest senators in Washington, DC, doesn’t mean he can’t talk about education. I don’t even want to know what conspiracy theories he’s going to spout.

And when they’re not laughing their butts off at these two groups, the Milwaukee teachers union will be protesting them, regardless of where or when the events are. It’s unknown if the organizers know where the events are or if they’re going to make it to any of them.

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