At Least No Drag Queens Were Involved

Conservatives are so focused on making sure that drag queens and transgender people are kept away from their children. Along the same line, they use this fear-mongering to promote privatized schools, especially religious schools, where the boys and girls will not only learn the academic basics, but also be taught values that aren’t taught at public schools.

Apparently, despite their hypervocal complaints, their values include grooming and raping students:

According to a criminal complaint, [Tyesha] Bolden became the boy’s teacher in October 2022, and soon thereafter began texting with the student. By early 2023, she was sending nude photos and telling the student she loved him unconditionally.

The mother of the student informed police in Brown Deer, where Bolden resides, on July 25 that she believed her son and Bolden were having an inappropriate relationship and the complaint says the mother found explicit photos exchanged between the two after going through her son’s phone while he slept.

According to the complaint, a supervisor at the school confronted Bolden on July 27 about a possible sexual relationship and Bolden admitted the student spent the night at her house. She also allowed the supervisor to go through her phone, where the supervisor found a number of explicit text messages, the complaint states. The supervisor then terminated Bolden’s employment at the school.

Oh, but wait! There’s more. There’s always more:

Among the more than 2,200 text messages between Bolden and the student is an exchange where the student asks Bolden to purchase him a gun, the complaint states. On July 28, the student was stopped by West Allis police while driving and found with a gun, according to prosecutors.

The gun’s serial number shows it was purchased at a Greenfield gun shop, prosecutors said. Detectives went to shop and were provided the receipt that showed Bolden bought the gun, the complaint states. The gun shop then provided police surveillance footage that shows Bolden purchasing the gun.

And in Wisconsin, where this took place, the Republicans just secured a massive increase in taxpayer dollars for schools like this.

But at least the kids were safe from drag queens, transgender people and books that teach them that it’s OK to be themselves.

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