Artifact will let you generate images with AI for your posts

Up until recently, Artifact was an AI-powered news app from Instagram’s co-founders that aggregated news and links around the internet. By adding the ability to directly share and personalize content, it’s becoming even more of a rival to Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

If you want an image related to EVs, Artifact can generate images of futuristic concept cars.
Image: Artifact

The new Artifact feature is available on the latest versions of the app on iOS and Android. To access it, users need to create a post, click on the “+” icon in the photo frame, and select “Create with AI.” Afterward, they can type up a description or some keywords — like, for example, “climate” to generate an image of, say, a natural landscape. Users can also specify a style, genre, or medium, like “anime” or “digital art,” and save the image created by the tool. If they don’t like the image, users can either type up the same prompts or try new ones.

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