Arizona Criminal Probe Into Fake Electors Heating Up

Arizona investigators are looking into Trump ally and former state GOP chair Kelli Ward along with the other fake electors, who were stupid enough to record themselves signing documents falsely declaring Trump the winner of the 2020 election. I’d be surprised if charges aren’t coming very soon as the bad news continues to pile up for Trump and his cronies, who probably never thought they’d be held accountable for any of their blatant attempts to destroy what’s left of democracy in the United States.

As Rolling Stone reported this week, Kelli Ward now finds herself in the crosshairs of a criminal probe into the scheme by Republicans to steal the election, and it isn’t looking good for her given the description of investigators as “moving aggressively.” That is likely to mean they’re wrapping things up and we’re going to see an indictment shortly.

Here’s more from Rolling Stone on the bad news for Trump and Ward:

The Arizona probe has been accelerating in the past several weeks, two sources familiar with the matter tell Rolling Stone, with prosecutors gathering evidence and speaking with individuals with knowledge of how the fake electors scheme was carried out in the state. The fake electors plot was a core component of the then-president and his aligned lawyers’ plans to overturn his 2020 election defeat and stop the legitimate transfer of power to his Democratic successor Joe Biden.

The sources add that Ward — once one of the state’s most prominent Republicans — and her potential contacts and private activities following Election Day 2020 have been of particular interest to investigators as of late. One of these sources describes Arizona investigators as “moving aggressively” on this stage of the inquiry into the state’s pro-Trump fake electors, which included Ward, a Trump hardliner and then-chair of the Arizona Republican Party.


After Arizona certified its vote tally, Ward, her husband Michael, and 9 other Republicans in the state convened to falsely represent themselves as Arizona’s legitimate slate of electors during a signing ceremony recorded and shared on social media.

In an email from Trumpaligned attorney Kenneth Chesebro to colleagues on the Trump team, the attorney relayed concerns from Ward and Republican state senator Kathy Townsend about the legality of the ploy. “Ward and Townsend are concerned it could appear treasonous for the AZ electors to vote on Monday if there is no pending court proceeding that might, eventually, lead to the electors being ratified as the legitimate ones,” Chesebro wrote in an email obtained by The New York Times.

Investigators have started asking questions about any potential contacts between false electors such as Ward, then-President Trump, and other out-of-state officials and lawyers working on his behalf to steal the election, one of the sources tells Rolling Stone. In recent discussions with possible witnesses and others, some investigators have asked or requested information related to a video — tweeted by the Arizona GOP in December 2020 — where Ward and other Trump allies sign documents falsely claiming to be the state’s legitimate electors.

And here’s a reminder of how Ward responded when she testified before the January 6th committee. She took the fifth over two hundred and fifty times. What a pathetic bunch these Trump enablers are.

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