ALERT: Please Check On Nancy Mace. We're Concerned About Her.

Last year, South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace said, “Hunter Biden got a get out of jail free card while former President gets a death sentence.” To my knowledge, Donald Trump is not dead unless she’s talking about another former President. Mace just said something similar to this, just not as dramatic, and we’re concerned about her. Can someone check on her, please, and thank you!

The poor thang continues to compare the treatment Hunter Biden has gotten with how Donald Trump has been treated. In this episode of “Look at me, look at me!” Mace wonders if Trump’s “last name were Biden, he would be a free man.” Girlfriend, if Hunter Biden’s last name was Trump Or Kushner, he could be given $2 billion from the Saudi Bonesaw Prince, and his supporters would look the other way.

“There could be a jury verdict in just a few hours,” Newsmax anchor (formerly with OAN) Jenn Pellegrino said, “What do you make of what’s happening, not just here in this courtroom, but overall, what many say is the lawfare with the former president, the leading GOP candidate?”

“Well, you see these stories about these investigators or prosecutors investigating Donald Trump, these judges, the things that they say, the way that they are treating him, it seems deeply like a double standard,” Mace said. “And if his last name were Biden, he would be a free man, right?”

Note: Donald J. Trump is still a free man.

“But because he’s Donald Trump, this is the double standard here,” she continued to say about the man who is not un-alive. “And look, we just had Hunter Biden in at the oversight committee. The guy shows up with a Netflix camera crew to find a congressional subpoena. And he’s able to walk free, was able to walk free.”

“We’re finally going to get him, Hunter, before the oversight committee and deposition in February,” she said. “But if his name was Hunter Trump, he’d be behind bars.”

“For sure,” Pellegrino said. “By the way, will we see you out on the campaign trail at all with former President Trump in South Carolina, possibly?”

Here it comes.

“Oh, you sure, you sure will,” Mace said, to the surprise of no one ever. “South Carolina is Trump country, and we’re going to be out on the campaign trail, something throughout the state.”

Wow, she managed to say “Hunter Biden” six times to answer one question that is not about Hunter Biden. I know what that’s like, Nancy. For example, someone wished me a “good morning” this morning, and, of course, I said “Hunter Biden.” It happens!

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