A Day of Thanks

With the financial system nonetheless troubled and unemployment figures struggling to proper themselves, thankfulness could also be in brief provide for a lot of Americans this 12 months. The early Pilgrims encountered excessive hardship as properly. But their response is instructive.

The Pilgrims’ effort to colonize America was fraught with problem from the second they stepped foot on the Mayflower. The journey throughout the Atlantic Ocean took 65 days in chilly, damp, and depressing situations. Quite a few the passengers turned unwell, and one particular person died earlier than they reached the shore of their new dwelling.

Once their vessel landed at Plymouth in mid-November, their troubles had been solely starting. Winter was upon them, and the chilly and snow annoyed their efforts to determine a settlement. Over 100 Pilgrims had arrived within the new land, however lower than 50 survived the cruel winter. Despite this adversity, the Pilgrims’ governor, William Bradford, proclaimed a day of Thanksgiving to God for His grace and provision.

What a lesson for us right now. Despite all of the Pilgrims had misplaced and the horrible circumstances they endured, they nonetheless gave thanks for what that they had – nevertheless little or a lot that will have been. Their sense of thanks had elevated by their trials, not diminished.

Americans collectively have confronted unimaginable challenges over the previous a number of years. Maybe you’ve individually had your individual battles to combat. But our nation’s spirit is powerful, and God deserves our thanks for carrying us by.

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