5 Notable HR Topics To Cover In Your Next Guest Post

Delving Into The Latest HR Topics And Trends To Write About

In addition to the thousands of articles on our site that cover eLearning, Instructional Design, and EdTech, we also have a wealth of information about all things Human Resources (HR). From building a solid company culture to implementing the latest recruitment strategies, there are plenty of tips and techniques to explore. There are even resources to help our visitors find the right HR software for their teams. So, we’d like to invite our guest authors to contribute their valuable insights on the HR topics that they’re passionate about. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

5 HR Ideas That Are Ideal For Our Readers

1. Employee Preboarding

How can organizations prepare their new hires for their roles and responsibilities even before their first day on the job? What are some preboarding activities that HR pros should employ to give new recruits a clear idea of the corporate culture and ways of working? Your post can also address the challenges involved and how companies can overcome them by building up their HR tech stack.

2. HR Upskilling

What are the critical skills that modern HR professionals need, and how can organizations provide them with upskilling and/or reskilling opportunities? What are the benefits that these initiatives bring to the workforce as a whole?

3. Remote Workforce Mental Health

Striking a work-life balance is no small feat. What can companies do to help their employees not only perform at their best in the workplace but also achieve fulfillment in their personal lives? What are the unique employee wellness issues that remote workers face? Another great tie-in topic is recognition and incentive programs that promote well-being.

4. Leadership Styles

What are the most popular leadership styles, and how can someone choose the right approach for their team’s needs and the organization’s goals? What are the pros and cons of each that they should be aware of when choosing the ideal style? Coaching, pace-setting, and servant leadership are just a few of the options you can cover in your article.

5. Employee Engagement Tools

How does employee engagement software help reduce attrition rates and strengthen company culture? Which features should you look for? What are some tips to make a strong business case for these tools? How can HR pros leverage technology to improve team dynamics and motivate their remote workers?

Wrapping Up

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